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My job is to empower my clients to be healthier - it all starts with a balanced diet & nutrition programme.

You have the power to heal, energise and revitalise your body, mind and soul! However you need to be ready and willing to take the reins. You may just want to learn what to eat to help your body protect itself against winter colds, migraines or relieve symptoms of menopause or IBS.

Advice sessions to help you lead a healthier life…

You may just want advice on how to eat well. Following my suggestions will work wonders on your wellbeing. Without even knowing it, you'll be empowered by following my key health factors which include digestion, blood sugar levels, hormones, metabolism, stress and immunity and heart/body circulation. Imbalances in any of these factors and insufficient nourishment will affect how you will look and feel.

The imbalance of these factors CAN contribute to weight gain, skin issues, low energy, mood swings, poor sexual performance, headaches and pains, not to mention greater susceptibility to degenerative illnesses and diseases. Always consult a medical doctor before any new diet or exercise programme.

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Diet and nutritional advice by Louise Hunt

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